Windows Dressing is the art of being able to capture the interest of a possible consumer, the ability to attract and direct the gaze and push to better examine this space.

It is also an important business card for a brand.

To set up the perfect showcase you need a glance, ability to synthesize and composition, manual skill and that pinch of eccentricity that can differentiate us from the average.

The experience of Stagedesigner is the result of a complex mix of craft, craftsmanship, knowledge of theory, aesthetic taste, understanding of advertising mechanisms and organization of space as well as of the psychology of the passer-by, including methods aimed at attracting his gaze through shapes and colors and then direct it along various points of the window itself.

The Stagedesigner team has specific knowledge of Windows Dressing gained over decades through study and work, theory and practice. The plus that Stagedesigner offers is to be able to add to these skills the know-how of set design and stand design, professionalism that add further strengths drawn from environments such as theater and cinema that, as far from the window, share with her the function to narrate stories and transmit messages through the sense of sight.