Thunderous explosions, gigantic monsters, terrifying tricks, science fiction prosthetics and everything that has to do with the extraordinary and the incredible but not only!

The special effects, often abbreviated with the initials SFX, are not only about the realization of what seems impossible, but also the creation and reproduction of daily events, ordinary, to the point that we can say that the vast majority of the films you see every day it employs a certain percentage of SFX, even when it comes to comedies with urban environments.

The most successful special effect is often the least visible and to be able to get the best result we have at our disposal both craft systems such as latex and manual tricks, and the most advanced computer graphics programs.

Stagedesigner works for some sfx categories:


It is the process of creating realistic sculptures, depicting people, creatures and objects that actually exist or are fantastic, in various types of scale that can range from micro to oversized depending on the needs of the client.

Special Props

This category deals with the creation and preparation of elements such as fake ice, snow, water, sand and other scenic elements that later on screen will appear credible and very realistic.

Makeup Effects

Everything related to prosthetics, make-up, deformations, body and face plastic applications and bodypainting, with very realistic tricks that, again, can be based on existing details or inventions of fantasy.


It is the realization of servo-radio-controlled mechanisms that animate costumes, mockups, exoskeletons or single prostheses.

Stage effects

Used in cinema or theater or for advertising clips, these effects include wind, fire or rain machines, fall simulation, leaves, snow, confetti, human flight and suspension, thunder machines, lightning machines, simulation of various types of atmospheric effects and weather conditions as well as motion simulation.

Thanks to the theoretical and practical experience of its experts Stagedesigner is able to give life, or at least a credible and realistic fiction of life, to everything you can imagine and that you need for the success of your project.

From bringing back to life a gigantic dinosaur to the credible simulation of alien environments, from recreating a very realistic snowstorm to changing a face or body, there are no limits to the imagination; Mechanics, sculpture and human genius.

Everything the mind can imagine Stagedesigner can try to make it happen.