The scenography is the world in which the characters of the theater and cinema fictions move, contributes to the definition, understanding and success of what is narrated and is in effect an additional actor, with irreplaceable role and value.
It is a key element for the success of a theatrical performance, cinematographic work or advertising clip and each of these areas has a different set of needs, problems and possible solutions regarding set design.

The team experience, combined with the study of the stagecraft theory, allows great flexibility and problem solving skills.


Starting from a comparison that concerns every aspect of implementation, from the budget available to the tone and style, we come to identify some possible solutions and then get with the customer, to choose the best solution and best suited to the project.

From here we proceed to the realization of a model and the actual implementation.

Using state-of-the-art materials and technologies and staff of proven professionalism, together with the customer will find the scenographic solution best suited to their needs.

Every aspect of the set-up, from the simplest two-dimensional scenes to complex plastic design works, with three-dimensional fixed or mobile elements, is carefully edited and subjected to quality controls.


Whether it is a meticulous recreating of a truly existent environment, of imagining rooms and buildings of the past, keeping records and archives or creating never-before-seen internal and external spaces, it is possible to move from project to reality, giving life to dreams and ideas.

From airbrushing techniques to the management of theatrical machines, from matte painting to computerized graphics: the range of available solutions is given by the fusion between artisan tradition and technological innovation, in a continually dynamic relationship between past, present and future.