The world of fairs, shows and festivals is in constant turmoil and represents more and more the ideal moment to present an idea, illustrate to customers the qualities of a product or service, make their professionalism known and spread the brand. It is increasingly important to capture the interest of those around the halls and exhibition spaces, with an original and creative stand.

Stagedesigner designs and builds stands, exhibition spaces and stage installations for fairs and events and can boast in its portfolio collaborations with some of the most exclusive brands in the field of fashion and design, as well as the creation of stands within world events of high profile.


Stagedesigner’s strong point is to conceive the events and the commercial spaces as blank canvases to be filled, to treat the stand as a type of scenography whose audience is made up of people with different expectations and needs from those sitting in the theater or at the cinema .

In response to the need to transmit a strong message and a well-understandable narrative, modules and implementation techniques are added that the Stagedesigner team, in close collaboration with the client, is able to use to highlight and impact the stand or the event.


Capture the visitor’s attention in a few seconds. This is the goal that can be achieved by exploiting the scenic means to communicate a strong and clear and involving message.

Stagedesigner takes care of every realization step, from the conception phase to the construction of the stand, using the best of traditional and artisan techniques of the past with the most recent materials and technological innovations, offering a vast number of possible solutions.