show: VIA PAAL (musical)

first representation: 2016 TEATRO DEL COLLEGIO SAN CARLO of MILAN


set design: LUCA TOMBOLATO

text: Mauro Morisi freely taken from the novel of the same name by F. Molnar.

The musical Via Pal recounts the adventures and the “war” between two bands of middle school kids, the first whose “headquarters” is located exactly on the Pál street, while the other is known as “Red Shirts” “. Under the leadership of Boka, Geréb, Nemecsek and many other young people gather in via Pál: a free area bordered by public housing, near which there is also a lumberyard (the “Cittadella”) guarded by ‘is a big dog. This is their territory and playground for which they will fight until the end.


Associazione Collegio San Carlo Milano


Realization of stage elements for theatrical performances

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